Breaking News from the ASS-C

By Korifaeus

Today, the ASS-C ( All seeing satellite camera ) powerful enough to perceive the color of anyone’s eye, focused in on where the incredibly fast moving light beam was headed. Astronomers, who wish to remain anonymous, first believed to have discovered a comet, but on further evaluation the speed in which this beam of light traveled was too fast to be a comet. A falling star – an incredibly fast falling star. There was not much to be done at this point. The governmental agencies had already been alerted, thus all that could be done to determine what exactly it was about to enter earth’s atmosphere was to follow it’s path with use of the ASS-C.

And then the unthinkable happened.

A technical glitch by which the broadcast was not only received by the governmental agency in charge of utmost high security protecting not just the country but this earth, but by every single person on this earth having television. Until the government became aware of it it was already too late to try solving the problem, though they tried but without success.

Most people watching television saw exactly what was occurring outside the atmosphere. Not only that, they heard the entire interactions between the officials watching the happenings closely. Viewers weren’t alarmed, nor did it occur to them that they were watching a top secret astronomical government observation. They believed it was a new and unannounced television show – a new drama running twenty four hours a day.

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